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Small Wonders Community Programme is a small national charity that engages people from all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances and encourages them to put their life and work skills, imagination, ideas and aspirations to practical and creative good use.  We aim to help people of all ages to participate in a variety of activities and projects that are therapeutic and educational. Some, on the other hand, have more of a social and recreational purpose, which is particularly important for individuals who are socially isolated, lonely or struggle with motivation and esteem.

Most of our work is centred on people who find it most difficult to participate in mainstream services or who lack the motivation or opportunity to get actively  involved without a good network of support, practical help and encouragement. The programme that Small Wonders operates is very diverse and aims to reflect the needs and wants of individuals and communities.

Though we strive to accentuate the positive when people join in our activities, we are also aware that many individuals have a number of negative influences and hurdles to overcome. These may be caused by mental health disorders, depression, mobility problems, physical disabilities, sensory impairment or general frailty which often increases with the ageing process. For some younger people the difficulties can be more associated with issues around relationships and communication, personal development or behavior problems, some may be of their own making, others more likely associated with family breakdown, bullying, peer pressure or a general lack of purpose, encouragement and direction in their lives. Some of the projects that Small Wonders will further develop in the future will have an inter-generational and cross-cultural emphasis and aim to bring people in to closer contact with each other from local communities.